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Enraged tennis star Karolina Pliskova smashes a hole in Some types of the pill DOUBLE depression risks while others boost memory, researchers find A brisk 20 minute daily walk can slash heart failure risk by up to a quarter in middle age in just six years, study finds 'I had a little monster on my ovary': When assessing the physical attractiveness of potential partners, people often comment on the colour or shape of teeth. Consequently, research suggests tall men are more desirable to women and are themselves able to attract more attractive partners. It is also related to important social outcomes such as social status, educational success, and income. Calories from sugar-sweetened drinks cause more weight gain and increase your risk of disease than bread or potatoes Men in their 30s have the highest levels of impotence with half suffering erection problems and they blame it on stress, work and drinking, research finds Explained: Therefore, women typically display a waist-to-hip ratio of about 0.

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Fertility hope for polycystic ovary sufferers:

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The heart operation Megan Markle's father underwent 8 days after suffering a heart attack Businessman, 56, becomes one of the first in Britain to have an aggressive 7cm tumour on his foodpipe removed by ROBOTS in pioneering surgery on the NHS How does your birth control affect your brain? For example, tooth loss is associated with poor general health, nutritional deficits, and conditions such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. Consequently, waist-to-hip ratio provides important information about a woman's age and reproductive status. Indeed, although the preference for a 'tall, dark, handsome stranger' is a cliche, there is a biological basis for this preference, with only healthy high quality men able to invest the physical resources required to develop tall stature. How does your birth control affect your brain? A Star Wars Story premiere Three Scottish rugby fans who called England coach Eddie

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